Series WF

When multiple wires must pass through a pressure boundary, series WF feedthroughs can provide an efficient seal without recourse to epoxies or other non-adjustable fixture methods.

Assemblies may be specified according to the type of element required to pass through the feedthrough and are suitable for up to 12 bare or insulated wires - sizes from 24 to 8 AWG.

Insulators within WF feedthroughs protect bare wires and provide additional isolation for Kapton® insulated power wires. They are rated max. 55A @ 600Vdc/850Vac. Feedthroughs with power wires can be supplied as complete assemblies, ready for installation, with wires cut to specified lengths.

WF feedthroughs can also accommodate up to 12 small diameter sensor elements that must be electrically isolated from each other.

* dependent on sealant and fitting selected

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• Seal on Kapton® insulated copper or thermocouple wires – type WFS
• Seal on bare wires carrying instrumentation voltages – type WFR
• Seal on small sheathed sensors, max. 0.125” dia. – type WFP
• Individual wires can be replaced without complete disassembly
• Pressure range: Vacuum to 10,000 psi. Temperature: -328°F to +1,600°F *
• 316L Body (and seat where applicable). Follower and cap in 303 or 304
• Choice of sealant materials
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