Series EF

The electrode mounted in these feedthroughs enables high voltage / current supplies in process enclosures, autoclaves, vacuum furnaces and reactor vessels to power heaters, electric motors and other devices needing high power supply.

Feedthroughs are available with three sizes of copper electrodes rated 40A, 100A & 200A at 2kV max. Stainless steel conductors, that have a lower current rating than copper electrodes, can be specified instead of copper.

These are often used when temperatures exceed 720°F (380°C). Nickel conductors may also be specified to special order.

Series EF feedthroughs are usually supplied pre-torqued for immediate installation. Integral insulators are Alumina.

* dependent on sealant and fitting selected

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• Copper or Stainless steel electrodes
• Rated for use at 2KV at up to 200A
• Pressure range: Vacuum to 8,500 psi *
• Temp range: Cu electrode: -328 to +720°F, SS electrode: -328 to +1,600°F *
• 316L Body (and seat where applicable). Follower and cap in 303 or 304; Alumina insulators
• Choice of 3 sizes of feedthrough and 3 sealant materials
• Electrodes pre-installed in feedthrough and torqued ready for installation
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